✓ Organisation of the civil society
✓ Support for local communities and activists
✓ Development of social innovations
✓ Cooperation with international partners
✓ Promotion and implementation of sustainable development
✓ Volunteering
✓ Inclusion


2017 NGO “Poruch” is an executive partner of the International Organisation for Migration in the project “Supporting the Rehabilitation and Sustainable Resolution of the Problems of Internally Displaced Persons and the Population in Ukraine Suffered from the Conflict “, which is being implemented with the financial support of the European Union. The aim of the project is to improve and develop the institutional capacity of twenty-five NGOs from all over Ukraine.

The project of the International Organisation for Migration “Support for the Cohesion and Development of the Communities Affected by the Conflict in Donbas” for the communities of the following localities: Velyka Novosilka, Pokrovsk, Lyman, Svatove, Bilokurakine, Starobilsk, Bilovodsk, Novopskov, Troyitske, Rodinske, Selidove, Slovyansk, Druzhkivka, Kostyantynivka, Kramatorsk, Svyatogirsk, Bakhmut, Borivske, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk. The participants of the training had the opportunity to get familiar with the best practice of communicating in communities, to solve video cases. The localities of Siversk, Bilolutsk, Markivka, Toretsk, Girnyk, Girske, Bilytske, Novogrodivka, Popasna gained the skills of writing cohesion projects. They worked in groups, participated in various activities, exchanged experiences, and acquired new knowledge. They also took part in establishing the record for Ukraine in the nomination “Mass Events”.

The project “Supporting Stabilisation of Communities Affected by the Conflict in Donbas” with the financial support of the Government of Japan and the IOM. As part of the IOM project, 20 social infrastructure facilities have been renovated in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, and grants for social integration events have been provided in the form of necessary materials and equipment.

The project “Development of Civil Competences of IDPs” included 10 two-day trainings for civic-minded IDPs and informal community leaders; creating a virtual library for the needs of IDPs and local community activists; providing information and consulting assistance to trainees in the establishment and registration of non-governmental associations, their organisational development and grant writing.

The purpose of the project “Support for the Cohesion and Development of the Communities Affected by the Conflict in Donbas” is to unite the population in order to facilitate the community restoration and sustainable resolution of the problems of the IDPs and the victims of military conflicts in Ukraine. During the training participants acquired the main theoretical and practical skills for writing grant applications, participated in modelling games for organisation and consolidatation of teams. The project identified competencies and leadership potential through interactive technology education with further assessment of abilities and skills. As a result, after completing the training, the participants gained the appropriate knowledge and skills to write their own projects. 49 communities received grant support for cohesive activities, with further support and consultations from NGO “Poruch”.

March 29-30, 2017 – The Festival of Communities in Svyatogirsk. For the second consecutive year, the event gathered about 250 participants from 20 communities in Lugansk and Donetsk Oblasts. The participants shared their experience of social cohesion, planned how to make their communities’ projects sustainable and long-term, enjoyed performances by talented dancers and singers of Donbas, as well as masters of the Ukrainian-Japanese Centre – Volodymyr Lazutkin (Japanese flute), Olena Hrebenyuk (opera singing), Hitoshi Nakamuri (Japanese Calligraphy).

2017 – Project “Local Leaders for the Development of Dnipropetrovsk Region” – The “Energy of Generations” Forum gathered all active representatives of young people and seniors (older generation) at the round table to discuss such an important issue in contemporary society as the cooperation of young and elderly people. Within 5 months after the visit to Poland, the team “Local Leaders for the Development of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast” held the event “Meeting of Generations”, conducted a study to learn about the common interests of young people and seniors in the Dnipropetrovsk region, participated in the project “Volunteers School 2016” in Dnipro, where young volunteers, beginners, and volunteers with 40-year experience, enthusiastically engaged in gaining new knowledge of volunteering.

2016-2017 – the “Leadership School” Project. A series of trainings for youth aimed at influencing deep social processes in Ukrainian society through the formation of future leaders and raising public awareness among youth (leaders of student self-government).
2016-2017 – “Volunteers School” Project is aimed at informal education of activists on the topics of charity and volunteer activity, public participation, self-organisation, social responsibility and the establishment of community-government interaction.
The final goal is to create a new network of activists capable of developing an effective dialogue between the community and the authorities in the implementation of social projects. The Volunteers School was held in 30 cities of Ukraine.


2017 – The “School of Peace” Project is aimed at fostering awareness of the basic values of the rights of the child and human rights, which is the foundation of a democratic civil society. The project promotes activities directed on developing a culture of peace based on the common values of human rights, international understanding, tolerance and non-violence among children. The result of the event is to be the training of “Peace Messengers”.

2016 – Intellectual Workshop “The Role of Academic Science in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship” with the support of the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden. Main Speakers: Fredrik Bjork, a lecturer in the field of “Social Innovation and Environmental Science” at the University of Malmö, Sweden, and Tom Nilsson, Ph.D., the Department of Urban Studies, the University of Malmö, Sweden. The purpose of the workshop was the exchange of ideas, achievements in the field of research and implementation of the concept of sustainable development, social innovation, establishing new relationships between the programme participants.


2017 – The “Voice of the Community” Project within the framework of the “DOBRE” programme for the development of united territorial communities following the state reform of decentralisation and administrative-territorial reform. Task: review of all competencies, relevance analysis for regional organisations, and planning the implementation of a modified assessment methodology for local organisations working with DOBRE communities.

2016 – The “Community Project Activity” Trainings in the framework of the programme “Decentralisation Brings Better Results and Effectiveness”, which is being implemented by the international organisation “Global Community” and funded by the United States Agency for International Development. The main objective is to improve the quality of service, increase local self-government efficiency, as well as local economic development.

The campaign “Donate a Ukrainian book to the Libraries of Donbas” by NGO “Poruch” lasts from October 2016. Its goal is to increase the access to Ukrainian literature for communities of Ukrainian post-conflict regions. All the books collected by activists are handed to the libraries of Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts. During the campaign, the libraries of Pokrovske, Selidove, Lyman, Lysychansk, Bakhmut, Velyka Novosilka, Troyitske, Pokrovske, Kreminna and other localities of Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts were supplied with literature.

The “Angels of Peace” Campaign for children with disabilities and their parents from Donetsk Oblasts. Purpose: to provide children of Donetsk region with cultural entertainment in Kyiv.







2016 – The International Intellectual Workshop “Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development” with the support of the Swedish Institute (SI), information support of the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine and NGO “Poruch”. The two-day workshop combines theoretical and practical activities, including group and individual work of the participants, interactive discussions. The event programme included lectures of experts, a “live library”, a simulation game and a study trip to the Coca Cola Company, which implements the principles of social responsibility in its activities.
2016-2017 – Business Tournament “Strategy of the Firm” (online platform) in order to motivate young people to be confident in the choice of a profession, focusing it on effective life-long learning, further socialisation, self-realisation and gaining life experience; assistance to all interested people in upgrading their professional qualifications and development of applied economic competences.

International training programme “Autumn School of Research Methods and Academic Writing”. The main objective of the new educational initiative is to build the scientific potential of the Ukrainian university community through the acquisition of skills of modern research methods and academic writing in the socio-humanitarian sphere according to international standards. The school was organised to encourage the development of new educational initiatives aimed at supporting institutional reforms and enhancing global integration and competitiveness of Ukrainian higher education in 2016-2017.

2016 – The international project Digital Storytelling Workshop – Artistic Self-Portrait of Young Ukrainians” organised by NGO “Poruch” and “International Centre for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue” (ICIRLD). The participants learned a new way of telling stories based on voice-over and video footage: a set of pictures or short entries from various videos. The purpose of the event was to establish sustainable and long-term partnerships among representatives of Ukrainian and international organisations with a view to implementing common youth projects.


November 6-13, 2016, Gdansk, Poland – Ukrainian-Polish Integration Camp of Social Entrepreneurship. This project was implemented by IRSE Fundacja with the partnership of “Poruch” within the framework of the Ukrainian-Polish youth exchanges in accordance with the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Poland. Its goal was to deepen the knowledge of participants on the subject of social entrepreneurship as a means of solving social problems of their communities; intercultural integration of Ukrainian and Polish youth; encouraging the implementation of common social projects.

December 25-30, 2016, Mažeikiai, Lithuania – Youth Exchange “Keep Calm and Learn Unity. Lessons for Future Generations” with the partnership of NGO “Poruch”. The participants of the exchange were 24 young people from Ukraine and Lithuania. The theme of the project was to discuss history lessons in order to avoid their recurrence in the future; study of cultural heritage; find ways of cultural cooperation between the two countries.

9 – 22 December 2017 – cultural exchange between the United States and Ukraine. In cooperation with the Lawrence University, NGO “Poruch” hosted four students from the United States who were practising volunteering in Ukraine. Volunteer visits to orphanages, meetings with the children of ATO soldiers, linguistic courses for pensioners, participation in the Leadership School gave students invaluable experience.

July 5-14, 2017, Telšai, Lithuania – Youth exchange “Musical Trip Through European Cultures” Erasmus + with the partnership of NGO “Poruch”. The project brought together about 50 representatives from Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, Egypt, and the United States for the purpose of international association of young people through common activities, encouraging creativity of the participants, studying cultural features of different peoples, fostering solidarity and tolerance among young people. The themes of the project were dance, music and theatrical art.

1-8 December 2017, Mažeikiai, Lithuania – Youth Exchange “Discover! Create! Innovate!” with the partnership of NGO “Poruch”. The project was attended by 40 participants from Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and Romania. The goal of the project was personal development and communication, improving potential, deepening knowledge and skills of social entrepreneurship, and solving the problems of employment for young people. During the exchange, participants worked on their business ideas in five international teams, whose goal was to solve socially important problems with the prospect of monetisation.




April 20, 2017 – Lecture “Are Women Less Corrupt Than Men? A Lecture on the Multiplicity of Gender-Based Corruption”. The organizers were the Swedish Institute, NGO “Poruch”, the Higher Educational Institution “Vadym Hetman KNEU”, with the informational support of the Swedish Embassy. The event was held by Swedish expert Lena Anderson. The lecturer paid the greatest attention to such important issues as corruption in economy, the impact of corruption on progress in achieving gender equality, methods of protection from abuse of power and corruption.A marathon to promote the Sustainable Development Goals, conducted within the framework of cooperation and with the financial support of the UNDP / EU Community Based Approach to Local Development. The marathon included training on sustainable development goals, a workshop on gender equality and a visit to the community “Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, a smart city”.

October 13-14, 2016 – Workshop “Social Mobilisation of Youth for Sustainable Local Development”, held under the grant support of the joint project of the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme “Community Based Approach to Local Development”. The goal is to promote and implement the ideas of sustainable local development at the level of the territorial communities through social mobilisation of young people and the creation of a pool of activists, scientists and experts capable of consolidating efforts to implement initiatives aimed at sustainable local development.

2016 – Opening of the roller season with the support of NGO “Poruch”, TM “Askold”, Typical Roller, UA-Slalom and Labour Shop Associations gathered representatives of different generatios of rollers, both professionals and amateurs of “shoes on wheels”.

2016 – The lecture on “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine” by Ukrainian expert Svetlana Garaschenko was held with the support of the National Gender Budgeting Project in Ukraine, the Vadym Hetman KNEU (the Department of Political Economy), NGO “Poruch” and the academic site “Educational Trends”.The issue of gender equality in Ukraine and the method of gender-based budgeting were analysed as one of the most effective modern ways of considering and supplying the needs of people of different sex, age and place of residence under conditions of limited financial resources.


2016 – 2017 – “Develop Yourself” Project. The goal is to equalize the development of youth with different abilities and living conditions. The problem: charity-children from orphanages have limited opportunities for self-developing in different spheres of life, unlike children from high-grade families. With the help of master classes on floristics, soap making, origami, creating decorative pictures with threads, decoration of cupcakes children discover new talents and find new enthusiasm, feel equal to peers.

December 17, 2017 – Action “Give Me a Miracle” on St. Nicholas Day. The purpose is to provide the necessary things for children deprived of parental care in orphanages of the towns of Uzyn, Bila Tserkva district (master class on making Christmas cookies), and Tsybli of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky district (master class on making New Year gifts).




The “Mokosha” Project is a social Ukrainian project, which is intended to draw attention to people with disabilities, to remind the public of the need to create an access to free movement and comfortable life for everyone around. Inclusive fashion shows help to change the everyday environment, show authenticity and original femininity which is a moving force for changes around the world.